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South Texas Jazz Presents 2014

South Texas Jazz Presents 2014 Series in the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre


Dr. Brent “Doc” Watkins and South Texas Jazz announce a 2014 season series in the intimate Charline McCombs Empire Theatre (226 N. St. Mary’s St.). Season packages (cabaret and theatre seating) are on sale now. 

Dr. Brent “Doc” Watkins has curated a unique series featuring San Antonio’s finest jazz musicians for the Empire Theatre. The series kicks off with The Brent Watkins Trio’s Carnegie Hall Concert which they will debut in New York City this month.

“We have a great lineup of concerts for 2014 at the Empire Theatre. There's so much variety… everything from big band to gospel to New Orleans Jazz. It's going to be such a blast,” said Watkins.

Watkins is a pianist, arranger, and band-leader in San Antonio and one of the forefront personalities of the city’s live music scene.  Watkins founded South Texas Jazz with the intent that it becomes the gold-standard for jazz music in San Antonio and the surrounding region.  Watkins continuously seeks to positively influence the city’s culture through music.  It is his deep desire that South Texas and the city of San Antonio becomes one of the finest jazz settings in the United States.

“2014 is the 100th Anniversary of the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre. The South Texas Jazz residency is one of many great highlights for the Centennial Celebration,” said Mike Rilley, General Manager, Arts Center Enterprises.

2014 South Texas Jazz Presents performances include:

South Texas Jazz presents: Mardi Gras!
Tuesday, March 4 * 7:30pm

Join Dr. Brent “Doc” Watkins, Pierre Poree, "Daddy Longlegs" Rivas and other San Antonio musicians for a celebration of New Orleans Jazz on Fat Tuesday, March 4. Come join the party!

South Texas Jazz presents: Brent Watkins and his 18 piece Orchestra 
Tuesday, June 10 * 7:30pm

Dr. Brent "Doc" Watkins and his 18-piece Jazz Orchestra return to the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre for a swingin' program of authentic big band music. Watkins and his Orchestra were a hit at Holiday Swing in 2013, so don't miss the show!

South Texas Jazz presents: Gospel! The Brent Watkins Quartet, featuring guest vocalist, Ruth Naomi Floyd
Tuesday, September 9 * 7:30pm

Dr. Brent “Doc” Watkins and South Texas Jazz welcome renown Jazz & Gospel singer, Ruth Naomi Floyd to perform a program of African-American Spirituals and traditional Jazz standards.

South Texas Jazz presents: An evening with Brent Watkins
Tuesday, October 14 * 7:30pm

Join Dr. Brent “Doc” Watkins in an intimate program of solo piano music, covering the past 250 years, including Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary works. Watkins just *might* be joined by a few surprise guests.

South Texas Jazz presents: Holiday Swing!
Friday, November 28 * 7:30pm

Dr. Brent “Doc” Watkins and his 18-piece swing orchestra, comprised of San Antonio's finest musicians, will perform such Holiday classics as Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, and selections from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The South Texas Jazz Series takes place in conjunction with Downtown Tuesday (with the exception of Holiday Swing! on November 28). Downtown Tuesday offers free parking at City-operated garages, lots and parking meters on Tuesdays from 5:00pm to 2:00am.

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