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TwoTen Empire

Here are highlights from the inaugural TwoTen Empire Series

Local sounds come downtown to the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre for TWOTEN EMPIRE, a live music series designed to spotlight a variety of local bands who contribute to the Alamo City’s thriving live music scene. Tickets for each concert are $10 in advance and at the door. The shows are all ages. 
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June 2015: The Lost Project - Far From Where You Are Album Release + Pop Pistol 
July 2015: Hydra Melody - Nocturna Album Release + Ready Revolution + The Black Market Club + The Native Roar
August 2015: Bombasta + Los De Esta Noche + El Dusty
September 2015: Buttercup + Alyson Alonzo
December 2015: Deer Vibes & YOSA - The Nature Of Album Release + Brandon Cunningham
January 2016: Blackbird Sing + Nicolette Good w/ Joe Reyes

Coming Up @ Empire Theatre:

June 10 & 11: The Naked Magic Show
June 12: Jane Lynch: See Jane Sing
July 9: Raymond Orta
August 11: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
August 20: Cristela Alonzo (Comedy Special Taping)

We are excited for you to join us at Empire Theatre! Whether you are driving, biking, hopping on the bus or walking, here's how to find us: TwoTen Empire: How To Get Here

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