PANIC: A Tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey with DJ Charlie

Panic - 602x206

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

Tickets: now on sale $20+

Show Dates:

  • Sat. November 20, 2021 : 8:00PM

Show Description:

PANIC is the premier Smiths/Morrissey tribute band delivering droll tunes to the cemented minds of the spineless swine who attend Panic shows.

Playing across 40-years of the Moz catalogue, Panic promises to bring familiar and unfamiliar songs at their own discretion. Please, no requests.

PANIC features Josh Venable (form. 102.1 Edge DJ, The Adventure Club), Paul Davis (Bigloo, The Kind, The Days, The Allmost Brothers), Daniel Reid (Long Sword Spectacular), Poppy Xander (Helium Queens, Primadonna), Aaron Mireles (Sub-Sahara), Marshall Read (West Windows).




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