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Priscila Felix - CANCELLED

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre, March 25, 2023 at 8PM

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the performance of Priscila Felix on March 25, 2023 has been cancelled. All patrons will receive an automatic refund. Please contact your point of purchase for more information.

Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and actress. She debuted in 2020 with the EPs "A Donde Quiera Que voy" inspired by Women Who Run with Wolves and "En Vivo Desde Fonobox" singing "Drume Negrita" with more than a million streams on Spotify. For which she has been recognized by the magazine Rolling Stone like "a voice that wraps in a dichotomy between strength and delicacy".

Her first album "Nuevo Mundo" (July 2023) mixes pop rnb with bolero and an dreamlike imaginary inspired in tarot, including the singles "Que si quiero ride ft. Vaya Futuro", "Flotando Sola", "Up&up", "Mente de Agua ft. Leiden" y "Caracol" with a total of more than two hundred thousand plays on Spotify. "Since I can remember I have moved from one place to another, I am a nomad, I love musical theater and architecture, but above all I love being Mexican and having known almost the entire republic during my childhood. At the age of 3 I sang "Si nos dejan" and danced ¡Ay papacito!" wearing a hat on the stairs of my house, and when they broke my heart I understood "Paloma Negra" and drank mezcal, that's why after this trip that will be NUEVO MUNDO I'm going to sing like the great legends "to the one who left, to the one who hasn't left and to the one who will come". - Priscila Felix