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Lord of the Dance


Majestic Theatre

Tickets: now on sale $29.50 - $79.50

Show Dates:

Show Description:

Two decades after the premiere of Lord of the Dance, producer and star Michael Flatley transformed the show to make it even more thrilling than the original. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is a spectacular new staging of the much-loved traditional masterpiece. The show stars James Keegan, Morgan Comer, Mathew Smith, Cathal Keaney, Fergal Keaney, and Andras Kren as the “Lords of the Dance” and is choreographed and directed by Michael Flatley.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, with music composed by Gerard Fahy, premiered in 2014 and has since enjoyed hugely successful runs around the globe. Dangerous Games, featuring cutting edge technology and world champion acrobats, continues to thrill audiences with its intoxicating mix of dance and music that fuses the traditional with the contemporary in a classic tale that showcases the exceptional talent of the cast.

The Lord of the Dance story, a classic tale of good versus evil, emerges from the dreams of the Little Spirit. In her dream, the Lord of the Dance represents all things good in the world; he must fight against evil in the form of the Dark Lord and his army of Dark Disciples. Morrighan the Seductress comes between The Lord and his true love Saoirse, while Erin the Goddess puts into song the words that the dances convey. Will the Lord of the Dance and his chieftains defeat the Dark Lord and his men? Will the Spirit’s Dream become a nightmare from which she cannot wake? Let the dance embrace you and take you on a journey filled with energy and passion.

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