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PechaKucha Vol. 31


Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

Tickets: now on sale Suggested Minimum Donation: $5.00

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PechaKucha (Japanese for “chit chat”) is an event format developed by Tokyo’s Klein Dytham Architecture to encourage creative professionals to share projects and ideas that they are passionate about. Presentations follow a typical PowerPoint format, with the limitation that each presenter must have exactly 20 slides, and each slide advances automatically every 20 seconds (for a total time of 6:40). Since it began in 2003, PechaKucha has expanded to more than 1000 cities around the world. San Antonio’s first PechaKucha Night was held in February, 2011, and has been a quarterly event ever since.

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PK31 Biographies

Sherry Kafka Wagner, Enigma
Sherry Kafka Wagner grew up in Arkansas, interested in stories and in other places.  She made her way to Baylor where the extraordinary Paul Baker taught her that developing an understanding of the creative process meant you could work on any project.  Following this instruction, she has spent more than 50 years working on projects in writing, urban planning, museum consulting, television and film in many captivating places. 

Jose Ballí, Artist
Jose Ballí, an artist from Reynosa Tamaulipas and McAllen Texas, is known for his figurative oil paintings and mixed-media works on paper. His subject matter encompasses everyday life of the urban landscape of the border, and geology and the social fabric of communities. For the last three years, he has immersed himself into finding his place within San Antonio, finding friends and a community that have turned into family.

Henry Muñoz, Chairman/Creative Officer
Henry R. Muñoz III is a designer, social activist, opinion leader and philanthropist based in San Antonio. As Chairman of the Board and Chief Creative Officer of Muñoz & Company, Henry leads one of the largest and oldest minority-owned design practices in the country. He is a former Vice Chairman of the Smithsonian National Board, Chairman Emeritus of the Smithsonian National Latino Board and currently serves as a Trustee of The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and the Finance Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Henry’s mission in both life and career has been to illuminate a more complete American story for the benefit of all people.

Dwight Hobart, Imperial Woodchuck
Timothy Dwight Hobart II was born in the Texas panhandle and raised at the Hobart ranch on Washita Creek northeast of Amarillo. Mr. Hobart attended the University of Texas before dropping out to work at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1961. While serving in the US Marine Reserve, he took a degree in Russian Language and Literature from Boston University and then studied at Indiana University and UC Berkeley. He was a magazine and wire service photographer in Beirut before and during the Lebanese civil war. In 1985, Mr. Hobart and his Chef associate Mr. Drew Allen opened a louche bistro in San Antonio called the Liberty Bar. In 2010 the restaurant moved to Alamo Street where it remains open today.

Monique Diaz, Attorney-at-Law
Monique Diaz was born in San Antonio, Texas, where she was raised by her Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father. Monique earned her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and her J.D. from St. Mary’s University School of Law, where she developed her passion for working with families and children in the public and private sectors. Monique volunteers with nonprofits, boards, and commissions, owns a general law practice, and is currently running for Judge.

Bygoe Zubiate, Artist  

  • Tue. August 28, 2018 : 6:30PM

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