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Ann Wilson of Heart and Tripsitter

Ann Wilson of Heart and Tripsitter

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

7:30pm | Doors open 6:30pm

Ann Wilson, known the world over as a founder and the lead
singer-songwriter of the barrier-breaking band Heart, is here to

Widely praised among the greatest singers in the history of rock,
Ann’s extraordinarily powerful voice has been sending chills down
her audience’s collective spine for over five decades, earning
record sales of more than 35 million, an induction into the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement

“Barracuda,” “Crazy On You,” and “Magic Man” are among the
many songs she’s written that now reside in the pantheon of
rock’s greatest hits. “Greed” from 2022’s Fierce Bliss plays
seamlessly alongside the classics in her current live set.

This past year, Ann sang with Disturbed’s front man David
Draiman on the duet, “Don’t Tell Me" from their recently
released Divisive album, and lent her voice to Dolly Parton’s
forthcoming rock record. From Dreamboat Annie to Disturbed, to
Dolly Parton and beyond, Ann Wilson defies genre.

Prior to starting their summer tour, Ann Wilson & Tripsitter has
been putting the finishing touches on a new album of original
material. This year, Ann brings her show to venues everywhere
with the same vigor and verve that she brought that one
memorable night in front of Led Zeppelin at The Kennedy Center.

You know the clip