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CAST Schools presents Three Years of Fear

CAST Schools presents Three Years of Fear

Adapted from Tafolla Toro by Lorenzo Gomez III

Saturday, September 9, 2023

2pm | Doors open 1pm

Students from CAST Schools will take the stage for the performance of Three Years of Fear, a play based on the book Tafolla Toro by Lorenzo Gomez III.  

Three Years of Fear is an adaptation of Gomez’s book Tafollo Toro, chronicling his traumatic middle school years in the early 90’s during heightened community violence and gang activity in San Antonio . It features stories and letters to the author’s younger self that offer new perspectives and ideas based on the wisdom of hindsight and strategies learned through therapy. The play is meant to advance conversations among students, families, and the community about mental health issues of fear, anxiety, and violence. Following the performance, Gomez will lead a question-and-answer session to share deeper insights into his experience and perspective on addressing fear and anxiety.