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Jackopierce Celebrates 35 Years

Jackopierce Celebrates 35 Years

with special guest Bob Schneider

Thursday, September 14, 2023

7:30PM | Doors open 6:30PM

Jack and Cary started playing together at SMU in Dallas, TX, when music was shared
via mix tape, not mp3. They’d spend the next 10 years recording albums and touring the
world, sharing stages with the biggest names of the era.
Those names don’t matter here.
There’s does.
Their inaugural decade ended in a short-lived sabbatical, with Jack heading to New York
to pursue acting and Cary embarking on a solo career. The duo reunited 5 years later,
shook the dust off, and launched another twenty-year run of successful albums and
tours, bookended by sold-out shows featuring an all-star backing band (Vertical Horizon,
anyone?) and popular destination events.
Along the way, Jack and Cary’s personal journeys followed turns and drops unique to
them, but familiar to us all. And now, as this river meets the next, both peace with the
past and excitement for the forward-view is palpable.
And best heard through their songs.
Take a listen.
But not because they’ve been making music together for over 30 years, or because of
their half-million albums sold, or late-night talk show appearances, or influence on an
entire genre of acoustic-driven rock.
Listen because these two theater-major undergrads, with headwaters in the same
late-80s collegiate mountain range, have stumbled over their own stones and through
their own canyons over the last three decades.
And now, they meet again, where their power and beauty is the greatest.
Here, at the confluence


Special Guest Bob Schneider

Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter and former frontman of The Ugly Americans and The Scabs, Bob Schneider has become one of the most celebrated musicians in the live music capital. Drawing from a range of diverse musical styles, Schneider’s talent has defied genres by combining elements of funk, country, rock, and folk with the more traditional singer/songwriter aesthetic. Schneider has won more than 59 Austin Music Awards including Best Album, Best Songwriter, Best Musician, and Best Male Vocals making him the most decorated artist in Austin music history.