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Johnny Lee: Johnny's Farewell Tour

Johnny Lee: Johnny's Farewell Tour

with Mike & The Coupes and Matthew Ryan

Friday, December 1, 2023

8pm | Doors open 7pm

Johnny Lee’s breakthrough hit, “Lookin’ for Love,” helped usher in an historic era in country music, and four decades later Johnny Lee remains one of the genre’s most beloved entertainers. Possessing enviable comedic skills and a voice as warm and strong as sunshine on the Texas asphalt, Lee has enjoyed a successful career, but he isn’t near ready to call it quits yet. The proof is in his new album Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.

The 14-song collection looks poised to be a landmark album in an already impressive career, spotlighting not only Lee’s signature vocals but also his talent as a songwriter. The Texas native wrote or co-wrote the bulk of the project. “I’m more proud of this album because I wrote most of the songs on there,” Lee says. “I’m proud of the rest of my stuff too, but I’m really proud of this one because I’m the creator.”

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright is the quintessential Johnny Lee album with a diverse collection of songs
ranging from the positive message of the title track and first single to the wistful romance of the tender love song “Annie” to the up tempo romp “Sawin’ on the Fiddle,” which he wrote to pitch to the late Charlie Daniels. Among the originals, the Texas Country Music Hall of Famer also puts his indelible stamp on such classics as the Leon Russell penned “A Song for You” and “Statue of a Fool,” an iconic hit made famous by the late Jack Greene. Lee recruited his longtime pal Willie Nelson to play his legendary guitar Trigger on “Did You Enjoy Hurting Me?” The album closes with the bonus track “Father’s Daughter.” Written and sung by his daughter, Cherish Lee, the song is a poignant tribute to Lee as a father and an artist.